Website Instructions

How Your Website Was Built

Your site was built using WordPress and Divi Builder

  • WordPress is a Content Management System that allows users to add themes and plugins in order to build websites
  • Divi Builder is a powerful website-building tool that is installed into WordPress. This tool allows us to use a visual, drag & drop builder in order to build fully customized website

Website Style Guide

  • Fonts
    • Headings: Rajdhani
    • Body: Rajdhani
  • Colors
    • Dark Gray: #333333
    • Green: #B3C311
    • Off-White: #ECEAE4

Where is my domain name?

  • Your domain name ( is registered with SquareSpace (under Marty’s account)
  • This typically needs to be renewed on an annual basis

Where is my website hosted?

  • Your website is hosted by Third Cup Creative as part of your monthly website maintenance plan

What’s included in my monthly maintenance plan?

  • 1-hour of website edits per month (additional hours are billed at $75/hr)
  • Daily website backups
  • Monthly updating of WordPress, themes, and plugins
  • Enhanced website security and protection
  • Monthly website traffic report
  • Note: You can cancel your monthly maintenance plan at any time, no long-term contracts or cancellation fees

Accessing the Website Dashboard

Adding Blog Posts


  • Login to the website dashboard, visit
  • On the left side menu, select the “Posts” tab
  • Select “Add New”
  • Add a title for the post in the title block
  • Add the post content below the title
  • Use the black ‘plus’ icon to add any special blocks (images, videos, paragraph headings, etc.)
  • On the right side of the screen, select the ‘Featured Image’ tab and upload the image you would like to use on the post (it will appear under the title)
  • Once you’re done, select “Publish”

Editing Page Content

Video Tutorial

The website pages were built using Divi Builder. While this tool does make the website building process a lot easier, there is still the potential to mess something up while using it.

You are welcome to contact us with any page edits (1-hour of edits is included each month), but if you would like to edit yourself, please follow these instructions:

  • From the website dashboard, select “Pages” on the left side menu
  • Hover over the page you would like to edit and select “Edit with Divi” (It’s important to select “Edit with Divi” and not “Edit”)
  • This will open up the visual editor. You can click on any element on the page and then select the black settings icon to edit it
  • If you make a mistake, select the 3 purple dots on the bottom of the screen, select the clock icon, then select the undo icon
  • After making any changes, select “Save” on the bottom right, then select “Exit Visual Builder” at the top center of the screen

Post-meeting Survey

Video Tutorial

  • Open up the survey link here
  • Login using your gmail account that was added as an admin on the survey (
  • Click the ‘Responses’ tab to view survey responses
  • From here, you can toggle different views by selecting ‘Summary’, ‘Question’, or ‘Individual’
  • You can also click the green square on the top right to view responses in a Google Sheet (similar to Excel) –> This is the easiest way to view responses

Take Your Site & Run

Video Tutorial

We pride ourselves on making sure our clients have complete control and ownership of their websites, and never feel like they’re locked into our services.

We are happy to assist with transferring your website to another service provider.

If there’s ever a time that you want to take your website and move it to a different hosting provider or website management company yourself, you can follow these instructions to download a copy of your website directly to a file on your computer.

  • From the website dashboard, hover over the tab titled “All-in-One WP Migration” and select “Export” (this is a tool used for exporting/importing websites)
  • Select the green “Export to” button and then select “File”
  • This will create a copy of your website and download it as a file to your computer
  • You can take this copy and upload it to a new website hosting account, or give it to any WordPress website developer and they should know what to do.