Peer Groups

CEO Group

Investment: $600 / mo

Members of our CEO group are often leading the company by themselves. They bear the entire weight of their decisions, good or bad.  Members of our CEO group realize what they know and what they don’t know. They realize the strength of being a part of a CEO pack, that helps each other be the best leader and create the optimal company.

Members will be disruptors that are looking to do something different in the Payroll industry, they are not satisfied with the current growth trend and are open to receiving advice as well as giving it.

Key Executive Group

Investment: $500 / mo

Key Executive Members are often the 2nd Lieutenants, reporting to the CEO. Our members in this group have traditionally not had formal leadership and business training, rather have learned by doing and bootstrapping.

Those days are behind you now. You will be with over a dozen other top executives from other non competitive Payroll companies, discussing best practices, new trends in the industry and harnessing the brainpower of a dozen other top executives to help you think through the decisions and issues that you are facing.

Service Leader Group

Investment: $400 / mo

Those individuals that are responsible for the Client Care and Client Success belong in this group. Too often those that are leading these departments at their Payroll company, grew by succeeding through all the ranks. They often know every aspect of how the Client Service Machine works. Unfortunately, they spend many hours working “in” their business and can now with this group, work “on” their business.

Members will be working with over a dozen other leaders who are also leading their respective Client Service teams. Sharing ideas on how to increase retention, improve the client experience, how to find, recruit, train, and retain top talent are among a few of the many discussions that will take place.

Implementation Leader Group

Investment: $400 / mo

Members of the Implementation Leader group have a very special role.    They all are responsible for the onboarding, setup, and execution of raving fan service. This is never easy with the pressure of sales growth, client expectations, and ensuring a smooth experience.

Our members will be able to share best practices in a noncompetitive environment. Each member often does the best that they can with what they know. They now have over a dozen other Implementation Manager experts that will discuss how to make their new client experience world-class.

Tax Manager Group

Investment: $400 / mo

Tax Managers often are an island to themselves. In a Payroll company, there are often only a handful of people responsible for the enormous burden of ensuring that millions of dollars are collected and sent to the various agencies, not to mention that tax filings and all of the precision that is involved.

Now you have a team of Tax Managers from Payroll companies around the US who gather as one tribe to help each other think through decisions and issues that each are facing, and how each is handling the ever-changing tax laws

Mistakes can be costly and good ideas are worth their weight in gold. This group is the answer to all that Tax Managers are responsible for.

Sales Leader Group

Investment: $500 / mo

Sales Leaders – Sales Leaders in the Payroll Service Bureau sector often ascend due to their sales acumen, lacking formal leadership training. At Varkrz Leadership Development, join a peer group of top sales executives from non-competitive firms. Here, share best practices, explore new industry trends, and leverage collective insights to navigate the unique challenges of sales leadership. This exclusive forum is your think tank, empowering you with the knowledge and strategies to enhance your sales leadership and drive exceptional results in a dynamic market.