Meet the Facilitators

Paul Altavena

CEO Facilitator

Co-Founder, Connect Pay

Co-founder and president of ConnectPay, as well as head of mergers and acquisitions, Paul Altavena likes to think of the staff as a team of “freedom fighters”. He believes small Co-founder and president of ConnectPay, as well as head of mergers and acquisitions, Paul Altavena likes to think of the staff as a team of “freedom fighters”. He believes small businesses are the key to economic freedom, and ConnectPay supports them in this mission by providing the tools to help them thrive. Paul is passionate about the great value ConnectPay delivers to small businesses by helping them to become more efficient and successful.

Rhonda Champion

Implementation Manager Facilitator, Key Executive Facilitator

Rhonda believes that if a company has a clear purpose, a program of developing leaders, and fostering a culture that thrives on learning and teamwork, the company will excel. Rhonda’s passion is to help companies find their purpose and passion and to help create the leaders that will inspire their teams to meet the Company’s goals and purpose.

Rhonda served as a partner in a Chattanooga Regional Accounting firm for 22 years. When the firm made the decision to create a payroll service bureau, Rhonda led that charge. In 1994 Computerized Payroll Solutions was created and she led the growth of that company until 2007.

In 2007, Rhonda joined Payroll Professionals in Kennesaw GA. as an owner and leadership of the operations team. Under her leadership Payroll Professionals (later known as PayPro HCS) transformed from a payroll service bureau to a full-service Human Capital Management company.

Rhonda led PayPro HCS and PayPro HR as their CEO until their sale in 2021.

John Egan

Adjunct Facilitator

Co-Founder, Balance Point

I have spent my career leading from the front. Performing any job that needed to be done. A strong work ethic and a competitive desire to overcome any obstacle have created my base of experience. I truly love the challenge!

I started at Paychex in 1997, in an entry-level customer service role at 22. In 6 years, I became one of the youngest operational managers in the country, leading one of Paychex’ largest service hubs.

In 2003, I co-founded Balance Point Payroll. Operating three different HCM systems, along the way to growing the company to over 70 employees and over 2,500 client companies nationwide.

Lisa Sowerby

Service Manager Facilitator- Tax Manager Facilitator
Payroll/HCM Executive

My “people first” philosophy has never wavered in my 40+ years in service and leadership. Leadership has never been about title, status, or wielding power but rather taking responsibility. Responsibility for recognizing, rewarding, and advocating for people. Believing in and developing the potential of people and ideas. With 20+ years in retail roles and another 20+ years in the HCM industry, I have developed the reputation of an innovative change agent, creative solutions thinker, and people developer. I have a proven track record in startups, turnarounds, realignments, and sustaining success. I have worked in big-volume retail, analytics, loss prevention as well as social service, payroll, ASO, PEO, and HR consulting services. I am a firm believer in servant leadership, vulnerability, and asking for forgiveness. I am a lifelong learner, avid reader, RV traveler, and live in a 4-generation household with 2 German Shepards. #lifeisgood

Todd Quarfoot

Key Leaders Facilitators
Founder and CEO of FrontlineDecisions
Todd Quarfot is the founder and CEO of SalesUP Advisory, a pragmatic sales coaching and business development firm; helping clients grow their businesses, beat competition, and maximize profitable revenue.

Todd grew up in Rochester, NY and started his career with Kodak. As a professional in sales and marketing, he became an advocate for Total Quality Management (TQM) and learned the power of teamwork and collaboration across functional areas of the business.

Based on his strong interest in technology, Todd accepted a position with Gartner Group. While there, he led the Northeast sales region to award-winning performance. In his last few years, he traveled around the world 6 times, leading a worldwide sales technology adoption team, and instituting a global sales management process.

In 2001, Todd joined the leadership team at PrimePay, one of the largest independently owned service providers in the payroll/HCM industry. For the next 20 years, he was instrumental in nationalizing the company and driving organic revenue growth as the leader of sales, marketing, and business development. In 2014, he became the first national Chief Sales Officer for PrimePay LLC, following the consolidation of four partner-owned regions across the country.

On a personal note, Todd is passionate about his love for animals and strongly supports the ASPCA. He is also an advocate for veterans, working with several veteran support organizations helping soldiers transition from military to civilian life.