About Us

Marty Stowe

It was 4:30 am and I returned home from my startup that I had just launched. I found my wife rocking our new baby girl in the dark. As we sat together in silence my mind raced from questioning what in the world I was doing launching a startup with a new baby in the household, to realizing that I was doing this to give my family a better life. It was meant to be.

I never lost the spirit of “never forgetting where you come from” in my Executive career, whether it was my own entrepreneurial ventures or working as a C-Suite Executive in two Fortune 500 Payroll/HCM companies.

I have walked in your shoes. I am a Payroll/HCM industry veteran with over 30 years of executive leadership, holding the same roles and responsibilities that everyone in our groups hold.

My career includes being one of the 13 officers at the Executive level with Paychex, the Chief Operating Officer at PrimePay, the largest privately held Payroll/HCM company in the US, and finally as the VP of Customer Success at Trinet, one of the largest PEO’s in America.

I know what you are going through.

Lori Brown

I started in the payroll industry at 19 years old with a high school diploma and a dream. My initial steps into management were with a national “Big Box” payroll provider.  I began in the entry levels of leadership before moving on to an independent provider.  In my new role, I now had visibility and influence on all aspects of the business.  In the next 11 years, my experience as well the breadth of my responsibilities grew exponentially.  Some of the marked successes over that time were a 1000% growth in clients, as well revenue growth from just four hundred thousand dollars to over 8 million in annual revenue.  During that time, I also guided the company through an intricate change from a basic payroll and tax provider to a full-service, dynamic Human Capital Management organization.   

I’ve done every job as one does building a company. I’ve spent late nights filling tax returns and taking early morning flights to conferences to man a booth and get us into deals. I’ve answered client calls at 2:00 am when timeclocks went down. Most importantly, I’ve developed leaders that have far exceeded me in knowledge and competency along the way. My goal at every level has been to develop myself out of a job. 

Along the way, I have gained more education than a traditional college degree would have provided, through experience and exposure. I believe that grit and heart, above all else, gets you ahead. I was named one of the Puget Sound Business Journals 40 under 40 leaders in 2018 and landed PayNW on the Inc. 5000 fastest-growing companies list 4 years running.