Peer advisory groups for the payroll outsourcing industry

Join a pack of noncompetitive peers in your industry to tackle important challenges, hold each other accountable, and develop as leaders.

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Peer Advisory Groups

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We’re on a mission to bring executives together

The Vikings called the strongest wolf pack “The Värkrz” (Var-kers). We believe the strength of the wolf is the pack, the strength of the pack is the wolf. That is why we created Värkrz. So that Payroll Leaders no longer have to be alone.

Our mission is to bring together executives in the Payroll/HCM industry, by position-specific roles and creating packs. Each pack will be led by a highly credentialed executive from the industry to guide each group. Members of each pack will experience sharing of best practices, processing of important issues, and accountability. In essence, you will have your very own private Board of Directors.


How It Works

Once you’re accepted into your industry-specific group, you’ll become part of a pack of non-competitive, like-minded growth leaders with the same responsibilities from various Payroll/HCM companies around the United States


Apply for a group

Complete our online application and we will match you with the perfect pack for your position.


Meet on a monthly basis

Each pack, led by an expert facilitator, will meet virtually once a month for 3 hours


Accelerate your career

You’ll have the power of your pack to help you think through strategic decisions, challenge you, and hold you accountable. You do not need to be alone anymore.


Explore Our Groups

We have 6 position-specific peer groups based upon your individual role and responsibility within your company

CEO Group

Members of our CEO group are often leading a payroll company by themselves

Key Executive Group

Key Executive members are often the 2nd lieutenants, reporting to the CEO

Service Leader Group

These individuals are responsible for client care and client success

Implementation Leader Group

Responsible for the onboarding, setup, and execution of raving fan service

Tax Manager Group

Ensures that millions of dollars are collected and sent to the various agencies

Sales Leader Group

These leaders are responsible for the business development and revenue generation for the company