Leadership Development Seminars

Discover the essence of transformative leadership with Värkrz’s Leadership Development Seminars

Launching in April, our bi-weekly, four-session program is designed to empower leaders at all levels. Dive deep into innovative leadership strategies, enhance your decision-making, and inspire excellence in your team.

Our interactive seminars combine expert insights with practical exercises, tailored for those committed to achieving unparalleled organizational impact. Elevate your leadership journey with us.


Principles of Leadership – New Leaders

This Seminar is intended for recently promoted leaders. A comprehensive 8-week program designed to empower you to become a high-impact leader. Through interactive sessions, you’ll gain the tools and strategies to cultivate self-awareness, build trust, and influence others. Master essential leadership behaviors, hone communication skills, and develop a results-oriented mindset. This program equips you to lead with confidence, inspire your team, and achieve success in your organization.

Principles of Leadership – Experienced Leaders

Expand your leadership toolkit and propel yourself to the next level. This program dives deep into the practices that distinguish truly impactful leaders. Refine your ability to influence without authority, cultivate a results-oriented mindset, and master the art of data-driven decision-making. Strengthen your team dynamics through effective coaching and delegation strategies. This comprehensive program equips experienced leaders with the tools to navigate complexity, inspire peak performance, and achieve transformative results within their organizations.

Crafting a Transformative Vision

This session is a follow-up to Lori’s Spring Summit presentation. Over eight weeks and four sessions, participants will embark on a comprehensive journey to craft their unique vision statement. Guided step-by-step, this interactive workshop will unlock the potential to envision a future, integrating personal or organizational aspirations into a compelling vision statement, setting the stage for future success and clarity of purpose.


$500 per attendee

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