Tax Manager Group

Who it’s for

Tax Managers often are an island to themselves. In a Payroll company, there are often only a handful of people responsible for the enormous burden of ensuring that millions of dollars are collected and sent to the various agencies, not to mention that tax filings and all of the precision that is involved.

Now you have a team of Tax Managers from Payroll companies around the US who gather as one tribe to help each other think through decisions and issues that each are facing, and how each is handling the ever-changing tax laws

Mistakes can be costly and good ideas are worth their weight in gold. This group is the answer to all that Tax Managers are responsible for.

Meet the Facilitators

Lisa Sowerby

Payroll/HCM Executive

My “people first” philosophy has never wavered in my 40+ years in service and leadership. Leadership has never been about title, status, or wielding power but rather taking responsibility. Responsibility for recognizing, rewarding, and advocating for people. Believing in and developing the potential of people and ideas. With 20+ years in retail roles and another 20+ years in the HCM industry, I have developed the reputation of an innovative change agent, creative solutions thinker, and people developer. I have a proven track record in startups, turnarounds, realignments, and sustaining success. I have worked in big-volume retail, analytics, loss prevention as well as social service, payroll, ASO, PEO, and HR consulting services. I am a firm believer in servant leadership, vulnerability, and asking for forgiveness. I am a lifelong learner, avid reader, RV traveler, and live in a 4-generation household with 2 German Shepards. #lifeisgood

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Cost: $400/mo