Service Leader Group

Who it’s for

Those individuals that are responsible for the Client Care and Client Success belong in this group. Too often those that are leading these departments at their Payroll company, grew by succeeding through all the ranks. They often know every aspect of how the Client Service Machine works. Unfortunately, they spend many hours working “in” their business and can now with this group, work “on” their business.

Members will be working with over a dozen other leaders who are also leading their respective Client Service teams. Sharing ideas on how to increase retention, improve the client experience, how to find, recruit, train, and retain top talent are among a few of the many discussions that will take place.

What you’ll receive

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Meet the Facilitators

Lisa Sowerby

Payroll/HCM Executive

My “people first” philosophy has never wavered in my 40+ years in service and leadership. Leadership has never been about title, status, or wielding power but rather taking responsibility. Responsibility for recognizing, rewarding, and advocating for people. Believing in and developing the potential of people and ideas. With 20+ years in retail roles and another 20+ years in the HCM industry, I have developed the reputation of an innovative change agent, creative solutions thinker, and people developer. I have a proven track record in startups, turnarounds, realignments, and sustaining success. I have worked in big-volume retail, analytics, loss prevention as well as social service, payroll, ASO, PEO, and HR consulting services. I am a firm believer in servant leadership, vulnerability, and asking for forgiveness. I am a lifelong learner, avid reader, RV traveler, and live in a 4-generation household with 2 German Shepards. #lifeisgood

Join the Service Leader Group

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Cost: $400/mo