Värkrz Membership Agreement

Värkrz Leadership Development, LLC (Värkrz)
Member Agreement (Agreement)


  1. 1.Värkrz members (Members) will attend meetings with other Members that are peers of Member that are employed by other HCM companies.  
    1. 1.1.The monthly meetings, which will be virtual by video conference, will be led by a Värkrz Certified Facilitator (Facilitator).
  2. 2.If there are multiple employees of one employer that want to be Members, they will be assigned to different groups with a different Facilitator.
    1. 2.1.Members will be responsible for obtaining permission from their employer to attend the meetings.
    2. 2.2.The purpose of the meetings is for Members to increase their professional skills and to advance in their company and the industry. There will be formal training as well as brainstorming where Members will share their knowledge of best practices in performing the payroll processing service and in soft skills such as communication, collaboration, leadership, and other topics as determined by the Members in collaboration with their Facilitator.
  3. 3.Member will not divulge any Confidential or Trade Secret Information of their employer through their participation as a Member.
      1. a)Confidential or Trade Secret Information is any information about the Member’s employer (Employer) that the Employer by policy or by written agreement with Member considers to be Confidential or Trade Secret Information including but not limited to business practices, clients, prospective clients, employees or partners, systems, or financial information about the Employer.
      2. b)Member will indemnify and hold Värkrz harmless from any claim by Employer that Confidential or Trade Secret Information has been divulged by Member to other Members or to Värkrz or to other parties not authorized by Employer.. 
  4. 4.Attendance. 
      1. a)If there are more than two absences from meetings in any 12 month period, the Membership will be terminated.
      2. b)Upon termination for absences during the Initial Term (defined in paragraph 1.9 [Term; Termination] the automated payments will continue for the Initial Term.
      3. c)Upon termination for unexcused absences after the Initial Term, the automated payment for the month following the termination will be collected and then there will be no further Membership Fees 
  5. 5.Payment. The monthly membership fee (Membership Fee) will be paid automatically by credit or debit card or other automatic electronic payment system accepted by Värkrz.  The Membership Fee will be established in the Värkrz Fee Schedule and be available upon request Membership Fees will not be changed during the Initial Term.
  6. 6.NON-SOLICIT COVENANT. Member agrees that during the term of this Agreement and for two years after termination of this Agreement for any reason not to hire or directly or indirectly hire, respond to, nor solicit any Members to modify their relationship with the Member’s Employer.  Member further agrees to not directly or indirectly hire or solicit any actual or prospective customers, suppliers, partners or investors of other Members’ Employers to modify their relationship with Varkrz in any way.
  7. 7.NO CONFLICT. The entering into and performance of this Agreement by Member does not and will not violate, conflict with or result in a material default under any other undertaking to which Member is a party.
  8. 8.Term; Termination. The initial term will be for 12 full months starting in the first month in which Member attends a meeting (Initial Term), but not later than the first full month after the Effective Date.  After the Initial Term, the term will become month-to-month and may be terminated by Member at any time with 90 day written notice to Värkrz.
  9. 9.GOVERNING LAW AND VENUE. This Agreement will be construed under the laws of Washington State and the parties agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of Washington State and the state or federal courts located in Benton or Franklin Counties. Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this Agreement will be settled by arbitration administered according to the rules of the Superior Court Civil Arbitration Rules (SCCAR) and judgment on the award rendered by a single arbitrator will be entered in state or federal courts located in Benton or Franklin County in Washington State. The substantially prevailing party shall be entitled to reasonable attorney fees and costs.


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